Awesome 2.0

I took a fiction writing course once during a hazy undergrad phase. One memorable story I recall, written by a classmate, featured a character named Awesome. That was before awesome was awesome. The character Awesome was ironically named. But the term, for me, took on a layered meaning from that point on.

This morning when I read Chanelle Henry’s “Is it too late to be awesome?” I wondered if awesome had jumped the shark. But this afternoon I saw what happened to Rafael Matsunaga’s Genetic Cars and I knew that awesome was just getting started.

Rafael is the personification of Awesome 2.0. A world-class Yo-Yo competitor, Rafael lives in Sao Paulo

Rafael: Yo-Yo Master

His HTML5 work, done for the fun of it, brought genetic algos to life in a way never done before. Because Rafael’s car mutations use client-side compute (javascript), the next natural step was distributed, which is exactly what PubNub did with and the race got really interesting. Now a collection of systems test mutations, dramatically accelerating the adaptation rate and fitness.

Genetically Mutated Cars in JavaScript

Genetically Mutated Cars in JavaScript

Genetic algos have been (in my view) the red-headed step-children of machine learning. But now thanks to the inspiration of Rafael and engineering of PubNub, real-world stuff may begin to actually benefit from novel machine-discovered designs.

Holland and Koza, take note: With the inspired work of Rafael, Awesome 2.0 has your DNA all over it.

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