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Tribbles, Turing & TPU2

Before reading, note that the topic of solipsism is discussed somewhat in earnest herein. A bit of rambling should therefore be expected. I suffer from aspirational polymathism. It is a disease that has plagued me since my earliest memories. As

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Sentiment and Sentimentality

With a wink at Jane Austen, the world seems to have grown rather enamored with Artificial Intelligence recently. That’s not to say that AI hasn’t been a pop-culture archetype since I can remember. In terms of actual software and solutions,

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Meet me on the Corner of State and Non-Ergodic

Do you know the Edge? It’s one of those web sites I read periodically…a place to seek out new ideas, emerging memes, and interesting discussions. Founded in 1995, they got traction a couple of years later, so this year (2017)

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Finding e in R

Though I have loved math since childhood, I am not a mathematician. But I love studying math. And sometimes I find myself exploring numbers just for the fun of it, especially when I’ve been using RStudio or Octave for a

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Quadratic Bowling

In November of last year I conducted a simple experiment, wondering if activity level on github could be a predictive factor in open source framework adoption. So I grabbed data from github APIs from several large organizations and played with

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The Temerity of a TPU

I attended a live broadcast of a recent Google I/O Conference here in Utah — akin to a Super Bowl Party for geeks — and I came to a minor epiphany. My hope in going was to learn a bit

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Kauffman, Consciousness, and the Trans-Turing Machine

I met one of my heroes. Perhaps ‘hero’ isn’t the perfect word to best describe my view of Stuart A. Kauffman. But it comes close. Suffice it to say that I’ve been a fanboy of Kauffman for well over a

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And so come Robo-Burger

From 2005 through 2014 I taught a number online courses for the University of Phoenix including MBA Capstone projects, Business Strategy for graduate students and undergraduate Java programming. One of the discussion questions I used during that phase was that

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Neural Interface as Stent

As a followup to a previous blog entry, DARPA does it again. A practical neural interface is one of the critical path components for human beings to accelerate the journey toward the full Trans-Human experience. DARPA gets it, and is

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Data Science Now

I did it! I graduated! After nearly a year of online courses, homework, assignments, and after work projects, culminating in a final Capstone project, I completed my Data Science Certification from John Hopkins University. And the experience was awesome. I

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