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Quadratic Bowling

In November of last year I conducted a simple experiment, wondering if activity level on github could be a predictive factor in open source framework adoption. So I grabbed data from github APIs from several large organizations and played with

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Kauffman, Consciousness, and the Trans-Turing Machine

I met one of my heroes. Perhaps ‘hero’ isn’t the perfect word to best describe my view of Stuart A. Kauffman. But it comes close. Suffice it to say that I’ve been a fanboy of Kauffman for well over a

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And so come Robo-Burger

From 2005 through 2014 I taught a number online courses for the University of Phoenix including MBA Capstone projects, Business Strategy for graduate students and undergraduate Java programming. One of the discussion questions I used during that phase was that

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Cognitive Prosthesis Now

Can you imagine a manufactured device that can serve as a storage upgrade for your brain? Your memories off-loaded to one or more backup mirrors as needed? No? Well such a device now appears to be in the human trials

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Don’t Fear the Deeper

You may not have heard of Numenta. Perhaps the name Jeff Hawkins is only slightly familiar. That’s Jeff Hawkins, not to be confused with Stephen Hawking. Hawkins is a true tech pioneer. Founder of Palm, he was instrumental in ushering

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Network Age Eyes

The holiday season is now nearly done — with The Epiphany soon upon us, Christmas 2013 comes to a close. It’s been a wonderful holiday this year; hope yours was equally joyful. Time to now get back to work …

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Bio Hack

After the winter holidays in 2012 I played CMU’s Eterna for several weeks, often for hours at a stretch. My addiction lasted about 6 weeks or so, as I recall. Eterna isn’t a game, really, although the ranking system did

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Quantum Hack

NY Time Blog headline this morning: Google Buys a Quantum Computer Teaming with NASA, they’re forming the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab (QAIL) to focus on machine learning. Better search will come, one supposes. I missed the announcement of the first

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Foundation and Empire

Is it possible to predict global conflict? For those sired on Asimov’s work, the title of this post will be familiar. You may recall psychohistory, Isaac’s early-50s term for the mathematical mashup of history, sociology, and statistics used to make

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Brain Jack

“I can imagine a cognitive prosthesis–some digital mnemonic device that extends my personal storage capacity in some way, but accessed directly via my own thoughts, as if it were an integral part of my own cognitive system.” — The Artisan

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