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Frameworks provide the pillars upon which our castles are build. The evolving stack means more better platforms and tools as the network morphs yet again.

Don’t Fear the Deeper

You may not have heard of Numenta. Perhaps the name Jeff Hawkins is only slightly familiar. That’s Jeff Hawkins, not to be confused with Stephen Hawking. Hawkins is a true tech pioneer. Founder of Palm, he was instrumental in ushering

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Bio Hack

After the winter holidays in 2012 I played CMU’s Eterna for several weeks, often for hours at a stretch. My addiction lasted about 6 weeks or so, as I recall. Eterna isn’t a game, really, although the ranking system did

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Dude, Who Printed My Car?

Wow. A car, printed via 3-D printing technology, making the NY to SF sojourn on 10 gallons of gas! Today’s article on Wired has got to be a mind blowing, hope radiating, consciousness expanding trip!

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A Decade of E-Commerce Growth

The Network Age demands improved modes of learning and communication. By presenting information in compact, creative formats, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage us. Infographics are visual presentations meant to communicate complex information quickly and clearly. A

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E-commerce and Big Data

One of the major pillars of e-commerce is the web store — that virtual shopping garden through which an estimated $230 billion will flow in 2013. Lots and lots of online stores compete for their share of the still-growing e-commerce

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trait Friendly { def greet() = “Salutations Terra!” }

With a nod to Kernighan & Ritchie, Big Smart Data begins. The intent of this site is to seek out, organize, explore and understand a layer of software infrastructure characterized by clusters of cooperative processors, machine learning, the wisdom of the

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