Data Science in the Facebook World

If you’re a geek and haven’t yet read Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science think of this as a goad — at least buy the tome. The basic premise is simple — specifically, that those classes of simple programs that give rise to very complex (and interesting) behaviors can and ought to point us in a different direction insofar as the philosophy of science is concerned. Wolfram advocates computational models as adjuncts to traditional mathematical models, as legitimate candidates for scientific inquiry. Methinks dear Stephen is correct. But he’s viewed as quite the radical in the more established worlds of scientific dogma. Alas, so it must be with pioneers.

How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have?

His recent blog one Data Science in the Facebook World offers a glimpse into the power of Wolfram Alpha and, at the very least, lets you know how many Facebook friends you ought to have if attaining some level of mediocrity is an objective your harbor.

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