Microbots in Surgical Scrubs

You may recall the hypothetical respirocyte from the turn of the century. The salad days of the Network Age were filled with promise — anything was possible then, as new companies like google and yahoo seemed to transcend old school biz rules. Alas, when the dot-com bubble burst, followed quickly by the mass confusion erupting post Bush v. Gore and then 9/11, giddy sci-fi hopes did succumb to a darker, fear-laden reality. Patriot Act, anyone?

The Respirocyte

But memories of that late-90s promise still linger … some of us did not forget. Nano-scale magic is a vital tread in the fabric of new hope; today the emergence of a real respirocyte is much closer than it was yesterday.

Enter surgical microbots.

Out of Zurich, the OctoMag magnetic manipulation system wirelessyly guides microbots where batteries are not possible. Minimally invasive eye surgery with magnets comes next.

The OctoMag System

We are not there today, and perhaps not next year, but before the end of the current decade, something like the respirocyte can be as real as flu shots are now. Despite the well organized anti-innovation efforts aligned to fundamentally transform healthcare in the United States, I remain an optimist where nano-scale disruptors are concerned. Zurich Minds, and others like them, will lead us, despite the blatant deceit of the actual flat-worlders now in command of the D.C. hegemony.

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