Network Age Eyes

The holiday season is now nearly done — with The Epiphany soon upon us, Christmas 2013 comes to a close. It’s been a wonderful holiday this year; hope yours was equally joyful. Time to now get back to work … and dream of what might be de rigueur next holiday shopping season.

I have long been a fan boy of technology. But for me the problem with technology is the shiny new toys ‘coming soon’ are always more compelling than the stuff on shelves today. Alas, what is to be usually trumps what is, so I tend to not be an early adopter. Perhaps 2014 will change that.

Innovega’s smart lenses

Augmented reality has been a vision (no pun) for decades. We may finally be near a commercially-viable solution. Check out the iOptik system from Innovega. Comfortably overlaying reality with information fields could be CES-worthy in 2014. Maybe I can ask Santa for a Bluetooth-enabled set of Network Age contact lenses under the Christmas tree this year.

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