I laughed out loud when I read Harry Roberts’ blog touting shame.css — but as I think about it, he may be onto something.

In the spirit of Convention Over Configuration, why not cloister hacks whenever possible? Wouldn’t doing so better serve the “I’ll fix it later” school of coding? For web work, a shame.css or kludge.js exposed to those prone to view source might yield surprising positive consequences.

Here’s the example from Harry’s blog:

 * Nav specificity fix.
 * Someone used an ID in the header code (`#header a{}`) which trumps the
 * nav selectors (`.site-nav a{}`). Use !important to override it until I
 * have time to refactor the header stuff.
.site-nav a{

I wonder if airing dirty laundry as such might invite contributions from developers? It seems to me to be another spin on open source yet to be explored.

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