Yeah, just go ahead and mindtweet me. Telepath me that thought, would you? Not now, I’m telephathing!

Wasn’t it Orson Scott Card’s sequel to Ender’s Game (Speaker for the Dead) that featured a matured Ender Wiggin with a technology-based telepathic mentor? An AI that ‘spoke’ to him? His thoughts captured and transmitted via only his intent to speak? The idea was technically plausible. A form of silent thought transmission using nothing but thoughts — and a few well-crafted implants.

Sookie Stackhouse quality mind reading is now on the road map. Think the NSA has a handle on your communications now? Just wait till our very thoughts are fair game. But with brain-to-brain control tech, the Manchurian Candidate possibilities are quite legion.

Mind control in the lab

Mind control in the lab

Couple mind control (that’s actually what we’re talking about, isn’t it?) with memory engineering … and get ready to be fitted for a tin foil hat, because dude, the you don’t need a conspiracy theory to assemble the pieces of this tale! Borg? Are we embracing Borg? Will we welcome Borg like we did Big Brother?

The Era of Memory Engineering Has Arrived

There is but one existential question that remains: are we already in the Matrix?

Michio Kaku: Some have proposed using quantum entanglement (the invisible umbilical cord that exists between objects) as a form of telepathy. But there are much more practical ways of achieving telepathy that already exist. Already we can take MRI scans, EEG scans of the brain, decipher them using computers, shoot that information to another person. This is called radio-enhanced telepathy.

Kaku said that in 2011. In 2013, he is proven to be correct … and even prescient. Perhaps after technology-based telepathy, precog is next?

Just let me overclock my brain and enjoy the ride.

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