Telekinesis Now

By sensing a disturbance in the force, as it were, Network Age telekinesis at home is soon upon us.

Through the analysis of ambient Wi-Fi signals a team at the University of Washington has developed code that senses very subtle changes in frequencies that occur when people move.

WiSee technology uses multiple antennas to focus on one user to detect the person’s gesture.

Throw some machine learning classifiers at it, and they now have a system that can identify nine different whole-body gestures, like pushing, pulling, punching and full-body bowling. No Xbox Kinect needed. Just the WiSee (pronounced ‘we see’) system embedded in your routers and you’re ready.

Nothing additional required beyond smarter routers. And think of the possibilities … the lights on/off magic of The Clapper is only the beginning. Thermostats, lights, gas fireplaces and appliances of all sorts are fair game. Not to mention, game interfaces too. Why not WiSee as the controller for Kinect-style games?

Looks like my wireless routers will need an upgrade soon. File this somewhere between the sublime and the ridiculous.

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